A delectable spicy grilled mutton, chopped into miniature pieces with aromatic flavors that is native to the Yoruba speaking Ondo people in Western Nigeria. It is extremely sizzling & spicy! Just what you need to bring that Heat but Definitely not for the faint-hearted. When placing an order you can request for the heat to be turned down but you and I both know it wouldnt be the same.





Asun (400g)

Size: 400g
  • 400grams of HEAT containing;


    Chill pepper, scotch bonnet , knor beef, onions, paprika, basil, curry, ginger powder, thyme, all purpose seasoning, mutton meat, goat meat, vegetable oil, garlic powder.


    May contain traces of NUTS


    Packaging options are subject to change by the company at any point in time.