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Mai Suya

The name Mai Suya is derived from West Africa; to be precise the Northern part of Nigeria.


Suya is a street food and the indigenes of the North called the Hausa Tribe refer to Grill masters that make this delicacy as Mai (Owner) Suya (any protein mainly beef, chicken, kidney or pigeon that is fully grilled with their mixed herb spice)


Growing up Suya was a major staple in my home. Suya brought family and friends together under one roof sharing, laughing, generally having fun and building memories while twirling dancing and enjoying the joyful tunes that floated, whispered and tingled.


Moving to the UK, I searched and tried many restaurants and it just was not the same. It was not authentic, and it never felt like home. This gap in my heart, the feeling of being home sick edged me on the path to learning how to make this delicacy. I wanted people to feel and experience what I had growing up and still do till date.


In 2010 I decided to go home to Kaduna and apprentice under a Mallam to gain the skills needed to venture on in this business. I tasted many Suya spots in Kaduna to find the taste that spoke to me and will in turn feed authenticity to a variety of mouths. Finding that taste was the best part 😊, I ate till my mouth was tired and enjoyed every bit of it. I gained a few pounds on that trip for sure. My mentor was intrigued at my interest to learn as one never sees females in this trade. He taught me where to buy the ingredients, grind the spices, cut the beef and grill to perfection.


Mai Suya London officially registered in 2018 and has since shared an authentic taste of Northern Nigeria and its experience to many people.


Everyday has been a learning experience as the company continues to grow and evolve and I am excited to have you as part of our community sharing and spreading wonderful memories with your loved one’s through our products.

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