Growing up in Nigeria, chicken used to be a Sunday or special occasion treat and I totally looked forward to tearing off that succulent protein and even eating down to the bone. 


My parents always gave us every other part of the chicken except the drumsticks because drumsticks are for Adults they said '.


When I became an adult it felt like I had been introduced into a new age! I had graduated and become a Drumstick eater...Yes I knew this fact but still it took me ages to get used to the idea of eating drumsticks so I rejected it everywhere I was offered.


In the recent years my parents broke the news to me that they only said that because they enjoyed eating the drumsticks and wanted it all to themselves. In that moment I realised they tried to put me into a 'CHICKEN BOX'.


Today I am here to say DRUMSTICKS or as we call it CHICKEN NIBLET SUYA is for ALL!! Every age!  Young! Old! Teenagers! Toddlers! ...Everybody!


We are drumstick advocates  and we urge you to try ours out as you will not be disppointed in the taste and quality.

Whole Chicken Suya

  • 10 Chicken Niblets rubbed with;


    Dried Chilli Pepper

    Kuli Kuli (Nuts)

    African Negro Pepper 

    Maggi - Soya


    Vegetable Oil.


    Contains NUTS